Friday, December 31, 2010

Gay Cruising Spots On Long Island

Nothing lentils for New Year Find

This 2010 has ended, at least for Western civilization. Across the world, in China, waiting for their new year will happen in about a month.

Like any self-respecting 31 December it became the president in office who does his pretty little speech. This time they told me that he spoke of young people saying that there is no future without their 'democracy.
Well, bravo, I'm okay.

Then began the classic programs year-end and what you see? Crowds of 50-60 year olds who are still trying to ride the wave by lifting means dumb and viagra on public television.
then I look around, talk to someone and young people seem more alive to the barrel of the gas. There are. It 's all around full of old, that steal the air, work and money. People who in 70 years hopes to do the things of the twenties and trumpet trombabile and fuck the fottibile.
It seems a bit 'late to do a Mea Culpa-because our politicians did not give a damn if the person propia.
Here they are, I see them appear on TV. They talk about world peace, happiness, good wishes, out of the crisis. Most likely not feel the words are suggested by the secretariat policies, put them to steal our hope and still keep good. Never to say: do not do it, we give the place! From the top of their € 20,000 per month in salary are careful not to govern someone else that would lead Italy out of the pantano.I good intentions are wonderful but do not leave the chair. For

This New Year I did not eat lentils. Perhaps they put something in it for us dumb and do not let us rebel. As the bromide in the milk for the military. So 'watch and applaud them lost their marbles. It passed in 2011, then 2012 and then 2013 and ammazzafuturo fools are always there.

I, the good intentions I wrote them a month ago. We hope to finish them. And I hope they manage to accomplish even you who read me, between your pissed € 1,000 per month or the resignation of unemployment at home with Dad 'and mother at 35.

Any idea on how to take away from this situation I do. We hope that an old slobbering fuck me and not the person I'll bring 'forward to steal and future hopes.

I do not apologize for the message is not politically correct that I wrote. Indeed, a sound burning to fuck all I say.

Giuseppe Chillemi


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